SuperSweep™ Floor Sweeping Compounds

SuperSweep™ Premium Gritless Floor Sweeping Compounds

SuperSweep Floor Sweeping Compound, available in oil base, wax base and water base to sweep any floor surface cleanSuperSweep™ Premium Gritless Floor Sweeping Compounds can save you time and money when dust and dirt are in your way. Whether in warehouses, on construction and remodeling sites, in ranching and agricultural facilities, or in schools and other institutions with large hard-surface floors, SuperSweep compounds trap dust as you sweep the floor and prevent fine particles from returning into the air.

All SuperSweep compounds are gritless, so you don't pay for heavy, non-absorbent grit that can scratch floors. You get only 100% absorbent compound for quick and easy floor cleaning and conditioning. SuperSweep is available in oil, wax, and water based compounds to handle any type of floor finish.

  • Oil-based SuperSweep is ideal for unfinished concrete and other surfaces, lightly conditioning the surface as you sweep.
  • Wax-based SuperSweep is great for finished floors, lightly conditioning the surface as you sweep. It is also perfect for construction cleanup and floor preparation.
  • Water-based SuperSweep is perfect for floor preparation and maintenance in sensitive environments such as food service and electronics storage.

All SuperSweep compounds are available in 50-lb. lined cardboard boxes with carrying handles.

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